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Rothwell Town Archive
June 2003


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Archived News

  • First pre-season training session. 17 show up (not bad) but coach Andy Lewis is a no show. If he does turn up for the next session he will have a hard job gaining respect after this episode. The grass is too long and so ball skills are a nightmare.(04.06.03)
  • Tony Clarkson is back from Miami and is confirmed as Towns coach for Saturday sessions. Tony is well known for his fitness and organisation and so having him back as coach is a massive boost.(6/6/03). 
  • The grass is cut, the scaffold is up for the new Town sign and 23 show up for training. Things are looking up. (7/6/03).
  • Friendly against Tadcaster Albion Reserves (H) announced for Saturday August 9th.(9/06/03)
  • OUR SITE SURPASSES THE 1000 HITS MARK WELL WITHIN ITS FIRST MONTH ONLINE. Big shout out to Ben & Matty who have nothing better to do than visit it! (09/06/03)
  • Steve's Thorp & Payne involved in their first training session as managers (10/6/03)
  • The 'Welcome to Rothwell Town FC' sign is up. Lets hope the young 'artists' of John O'Gaunts leave it alone. (13/06/03)
  • Investigations are being made into Ryhill/Havercroft Sports who allegedly fielded players not signed on last year. This could affect their promotion to Division 1. It is unclear whether this will mean Armley Athletic remaining in the division or the promotion of third placed Camerons, Towns closest rivals (in terms of proximity not talent).
  • The Rothwell Town AGM is on Thursday 19.06.03. It will be attended by Paul Pennington and Jody Thirkell to represent the Open Age sides.
  • The West Yorkshire League AGM is on Friday 20.06.03. This will be attended by Paul Pennington. Hopefully we will receive our fixtures for 2003/04 at this meeting. All players will be duly informed.

AGM (19/6/03)

  • Senior members of the committee praised the Open Age initiative at the AGM last night. We were also told that much needed new nets can be purchased along with any new equipment required.
  • The Club are looking to re-fence the pitch but have had quotes of 7500 so far which appears extortionate. It is looking like repairs will be the order of the day rather than renewal.
  • With regard to fine payments the Club have imposed the following criteria, despite my opposition; Payments must be made by the due date. If not then the player will not play until paid. If the fine remains unpaid by two weeks after the due date then the Club will report the player to the WY League. A further league fine and ban could then follow.
  • Much the same faces were re-elected with the odd change in lower ranking positions. The only notable change was that Gary Bostock was elected Chairman taking over from Jill Gamble.

West Yorkshire League Meeting (20.06.03)

  • Opposing teams must be advised in the week whether we will be returning for food or not. The only teams we will not be going back for are the Armley sides due to the distance between their pitch and their pubs.
  • Referees must have their own room. No problem at Town.
  • Whitkirk Wanderers proposed to have 4 divisions. The proposal was rejected to keep the league's quality. The facilities required to play in the league are higher than most amateur leagues and so the committee were not keen on inviting less organised sides into the league. The system will therefore remain the same.


  • Paul Richardson begins his injury recovery with his first training session back. No ball work just running and strengthening exercises.(21.06.03)
  • Friendlies are to be organised against 2nd Division Kippax and Old Thornesians of the Yorkshire Old Boys league. Details to follow. (23.06.03)
  • Kippax Friendly confirmed for Saturday 26th July.
  • Our new official kit sponsor is confirmed as Bradleys Wakefield Ltd. A new 1st team kit will be purchased shortly. (25.6.03)
  • The Club have purchased new first team nets for 2003/04. (28.06.03)